Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Educational Background:

  •  B.Sc. ElectronicsSharif University of Technology, Iran
  • M.Sc. E.E.University of Calgary, Canada
  • Ph.D. E.E.University of Manitoba, Canada


Biomedical Experience:

Dr. Zahra Moussavi holds a Canada Research Chair in biomedical engineering and is director of the BME graduate studies program.


Specifical Biomedical Courses Taught/Teaching:

Currently, Dr. Moussavi is not teaching any courses, but last Fall she taught ECE 4610, Biomedical Instrumentation and Signal Processing.


Current Biomedical Research:

Dr. Zahra Moussavi’s research interests are varied but generally involve the application “of signal processing techniques for interpretation and modeling of phyisiological systems” (lab page).  Research areas include developing more efficient methods of sleep apnea diagnosis, analysis of respiratory and swallowing sounds, developing new methods of diagnosing neurological disorders earlier in life, and neurorehabilitation.