Electrical Engineering Associate Professor, EIT


Educational Background:

Sherif Sherif obtained his B.Sc. in telecommunications from Ain Shams University (Egypt), obtained his M.S. in digital image processing from University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA), and earned his Ph.D. in optics from University of Colorado at Boulder (USA).


Biomedical Experience:

With his rigorous understanding of signal processing (from his M.S.) combined with his research experience and expertise in optics (from his Ph.D.), Sherif Sherif’s biomedical research into tissue imaging using light encompasses both the physical portion (optics and associated hardware) and the signal/image processing portion of imaging systems.


Specific Biomedical Courses Taught/Teaching: 

ECE 4860 (T01 Winter 2015 term) Biomedical Signal Processing


Current Biomedical Research:

Biophotonics, Optical coherence tomography (OCT), Optical & fluorescence microscopy, Tissue optics, Integrated computanal imaging, Digital image restoration, Statistical signal processing, Laser spectroscopy