2017 – 2018

President Mirette Barsoum
Secretary Gabby Thalhamer & Mark Yacoub
Treasurer Franklin Ogidi
Vice President Industry Krista Bergen and Sarvesh R
Vice President Academics Tyler Dolski
Webmaster Reid Wrublowsky
Design Chair Avwerosuo Amromanoh
Fundraising Chair Laurissa Bridgeman
Officer of VP Industry Liliose Neche
Officer of VP Academics Jessyln Janseen
Officer of VP Treasurer Chandra Hofer
Officer of VP Design Chair Supriti Shobnam
Officer of VP Fundraising Chair Carrissa Standing


2016 – 2017

President Mirette Barsoum
Secretary Supriti Shobnam
Treasurer Pooja Raval
Vice President Industry Chris Harrysingh
Vice President Academics Jesslyn Janssen
Webmaster Cassandra Aldaba
Officer of VP Industry Sarah Slagerman and Krista Bergen
Officer of VP Academics Franklin Ogidi
Officer of Treasurer Mark Yacoub


2015 – 2016

President Cameron MacGregor
Secretary Calene Treichel
Treasurer Edinam Tettevi
Vice President Industry Cassandra Aldaba
Vice President Academics Mirette Barsoum
Webmaster Hazem Saad Alharthi
Officer of VP Industry Pooja Raval
Officer of VP Academics Chris Harrysingh and Dana Carver
Officer of Webmaster Franklin Ogidi


2014 – 2015

President Olivia Essex
Secretary Cassandra Aldaba
Treasurer Cameron MacGregor
Vice President Academics Hazem Saad Alharthi
Vice President Industry Edinam Tettevi
Officer of VP Academics Chris Harrysingh and Mirette Barsoum


2013 – 2014

President Olivia Essex
Secretary Maria Ongare
Treasurer (None)
Vice President Academics Cameron MacGregor
Vice President Industry Cassandra Aldaba
Vice President Project Research Jonathan Van Leeuwen and Jonathan-F. Baril
Vice President Research of Current Developments Chris Cadonic and Paul White
Officer of VP Academics Hazem Saad


2012 – 2013

President and Founder Olivia Essex

People who helped establish the group by contributing to the discussion of the group’s purpose, writing the constitution, and/or planning our first outreach day, as well as attending three or more meetings:

Jonathan van Leeuwen Hazem Saad Alharthi
Cameron MacGregor Jonathan-F. Baril
Paul White K.C. Kiesman
Chenyang Zhao Cassandra Aldaba
Roh Amromanoh Michael Lambeta
Christina Hinton Harper Dominique Gragera
Richard Lozowy Shawn Wiebe