The following are biomedical companies found in Manitoba. To find more information, go to a company’s website by clicking on their name.

Acsion Industries: E-Beam sterilization

Ambutech: Mobility aids manufacturer for the blind & visually impaired.

Anderson House Orthopaedics: Orthotics & prosthetics.

Bomimed Inc.: Manufactures and distributes various medical devices ranging from infant care to critical care.

BL Photonics Inc.: Vis-NIRS and hyperspectral-imaging development.

CanAm Bioreserach Inc.: Pre-clinical pharmaceutical research.

CancerCare Manitoba: Cancer research and medical devices design & development.

Cubresa: Medical imaging design & development.

Diamedica: Biopharmaceutical company that focuses on treatments for stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

Emergent Biosolutions: A pharmaceutical company for rare diseases, blood disorders and medical counter measure for biodefense.

Exigence Technologies: Healthcare textiles antimicrobial technology.

Genvion Corporoation: Prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.

GVI Clinical Development Solutions: Provides consulting and clinical development support for biomedical companies.

HealthTrials, Health Science Centre Research: Aids in bringing Manitoba’s pharmaceutical researchers and industry together.

IMRIS, Inc.: Medical imaging equipment design and development.

IMT: A global leader of providing health information exchanges and electronic health records.

Innovoxl Inc.: An engineering firm with a division that provides medical device development solutions.

Intelligent Hospital Systems: Automated medical device design & development.

International Centre for Infectious Diseases (ICID): A not-for-profit organizations focusing on research and technology to fight infectious diseases internationally.

Kane Biotech Inc.: Develops and commercializes products that prevent and remove microbial biofilms.

Lifeart Prosthetics Inc. : Custom Prosthetics.

Marsala Biotech Inc.: Develops innovative cancer treatments.

Medicure: Biopharmaceutical company that focuses on cardiovascular and neurological disorders.

Miraculins: Medical Diagnostic Test Development & Distribution.

Monteris Medical: Neurosurgical ablation aided device design & development.

National Research Council of Canada – Winnipeg Facility: Medical device research & development.

Orthopaedic Innovation Centre: Orthopaedics.

Pfizer Canada: World’s largest pharmaceutical company for people and animals.

Phantom Motion: Medical device & surgical robot design & development.

PharmEng Technology: A consulting company for the biomedical industry in North America and Internationally.

RANA Respiratory Group: Respiratory service company.

Rehabilitation Centre for Children: Research & development of assistive technologies for children and youth.

Scimar Ltd.:  Discovered the mechanism of pre-diabetic insulin resistance and resultant pathologies.

Sightline Innovation Inc. : Machine learning cloud services with data analyses for the biosecurity and healthcare industry.

Sphaera Technologies Inc. : Medical device design & development.

St. Boniface Research Centre: Many research opportunities including the cardiology and neurodegenerative disorder fields to provide advance technologies and new treatments.

Tactica Interactive: Develops interactive websites, mobile applications, games and social medical strategies.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc.: Research and development of pharmaceuticals.

Vista Medical Ltd./ Patientech : Develops wearable sensors for smart monitor systems to improve health and wellness.

Vita Health Products: Manufactures over-the-counter medications and natural health products.

Viventia Bio Inc.: Develops protein therapeutics for cancer treatments.

Winnipeg Prosthetics & Orthotics Speaciality Co. Orthotics & prosthetics.

Younes Medical Technologies: Development of innovative medical devices for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.