Article 1: Name

The name of the student group shall be the University of Manitoba’s Biomedical Engineering Society, also known as UMBMES.

Article 2: Purpose of Group

UMBMES exists to bring together students at the University of Manitoba interested in the biomedical field; specifically, to source and propagate knowledge pertaining to the biomedical field, and to apply this knowledge through biomedical oriented events, research and tours.

Article 3: Membership

Any student who is registered at the University of Manitoba can become a member of UMBMES.  To comply with UMSU regulations, at least two-thirds of all members shall be undergraduate students. Membership in the group lasts for a full academic year (September to April). To maintain membership, members should contribute to furthering the purpose of the group.

Article 4: Compliance with UMSU/SGPAC Policies and Procedures

UMBMES will follow all bylaws, policies, and procedures of the University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU) and the Student Group Promotion and Affairs Committee (SGPAC).

Article 5: Executive Members and Responsibilities

Listed below are the executive positions of UMBMES, along with their responsibilities. Executives may appoint officers* to assist them with their duties.


Vice President Academics:

Vice President Industry:




Fundraising Chair

Design Chair

* In the case that an executive can no longer perform their duties during the academic year, their officer may take over the position for the remaining duration.

Article 6: Appointment of Executives

Prior to the end of the academic year, the current executives must agree upon an application and evaluation process for deciding on the appointment of next year’s executives. This must include, at minimum:

Article 7: Transition and Executive
During the period from the end of elections, until the last day of August, the new executive members will assume office. It is the responsibility of the departing executive members to orient the newly elected executive members to their jobs. This includes mentoring and preparing the incoming executive members for their new roles in UMBMES. Transitioning custodianship of group records and materials (including office and mailbox keys, locker combinations and all passwords to all student group email accounts) must occur during this period.

It is the responsibility of the departing President to ensure that all student requirements to the Students’ Union, including submission of a complete annual report and the removal of all student group records and materials from the club office and locker, have been fulfilled before the incoming executives assume office.

It is the responsibility of the departing President and Treasurer to bring all accounts up to date to the end of the fiscal year, and to prepare any required financial statements of UMBMES. In addition, the departing President and Treasurer must arrange with the respective incoming executive members for the transition of the student group bank accounts to the incoming President and Treasurer. This must be completed no later than the last day of April.

Article 8: Meetings

UMBMES allows executives to call three types of meetings: executive, executive-general and general meetings. Executive meetings shall be attended by the executives and are to be dedicated to time-critical action items. Executive-general meetings shall be attended by the executives and officers; they are to be dedicated to administrative UMBMES tasks and governance. General meetings shall be attended by all members and are open to the public; they are to be dedicated to keeping attendees up to date on UMBMES activities, and developments in the biomedical field.

Any executive member may call any type of meeting at any time, but must give the other executive members at least two days notice. Executive meetings shall be called on an as-needed basis. There shall be at least four executive-general meetings during the academic year (September to April); executive-general meetings will not occur during the months of December and April, due to exam prep and exams. General meetings shall occur at least once a term during the academic year (September to April).

Article 9: Amendments to the Constitution:

Any amendments to this constitution must be approved by a formal vote of the executive. The proposed changes must be made available to all members of the executive at least two weeks before the meeting, and require unanimous agreement of the members voting at the meeting. A copy of the amended constitution must be submitted to UMSU within two weeks of the meeting.